[Paid] Chat listView extension update (23/01/2018)



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Chat Bubble for chatting App
Building a Chat Fiction App Like Hooked, Yarn and Wattpad Tap
Cadres component
FakeCalculator App

Very Useful extention.


How can i get this extension please


¿Cuánto cuesta esa extensión, por favor coloque el enlace del paypal


How can I pay you to get this paid extension, @Andres_Cotes?

How much is this one?



Yeah, I knew your PayPal address.
How much should I pay? :grinning:



Man, im so sad that it costs money, maybe a trial version?






Bought it. Yay!

I wonder how to make the message bubble, either it’s Send Message or Received Message to appear one by one each time user tap the screen?

I want to develop Chat Stories app like Hooked.
Each time user tap the screen/button, the new chat bubble will appear.
User just need to tap.
No need to input any text. Just tap, tap, and tap.
Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdecxIMSZxU

Need help, please…


You’ll need to add a click listener to the HA the ChatListView is put in. Every time this listener is triggered add the messages from your database. Note: I said database, but your fictional chat texts could also be stored in a JSON file or in an App Inventor list.






How much does this extention cost?


15 usd


Hii Andres_cotes sir i want to buy your extension please email me the the payment amount and the payment details to this email- [email protected] or watsapp me via 9795876520


15 usd


como descargo Chat ListView


Hello Andres,

Can it display images? It would be awesome if we could pass it URL of an image and it would display it, or at least local image from file. I’d buy it immediately :smiley:


I can add this feature