[Paid] Camera extension to take pictures without user interaction

After several weeks of work and intensive tests with 10 people it’s now time to publish my camera extension to take pictures programmatically without user interaction.


PS: as there sometimes seems to be a misunderstanding, what exactly “free software” means, I provided some definitions below…

What is free software?

TANSTAAFL - There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

in short: Richard Stallman has described it as free as in free speech, not as in free beer.

Image found at cyberdefinitions.com. Thank you!
The image shows stroppy teenager Kevin (created by Harry Enfield) whining about not getting something for nothing.


Looking forward to trying this out - timelapses! :smile: Amazing!! Thanks @Taifun.


Very Nice and useful. Thanks Taifun! for improving the AI Platform.


Camera Extension Version 3
the new version now offers properties to adjust the exposure compensation and white balance.



Is there any way with the extension to take a picture with back and front camera in the same time?

Not at the exact same time, but when you trigger the take photo action you can enable a 1 ms timer. This timer first changes the front camera to the back camera and then takes another photo only to disable itself after. I didn’t test it but it should work


Thanx red i will try it

as @Red_Panda said, not exactly at the same time
also taking the picture might take up to 3 or 4 seconds depending on the settings you chose…
so first use the front camera, take the picture, in the AfterPicture event then set the back camera and take again a picture



Well, your extension still isn’t free software according to the Wikipedia link you provided.

In the Wikipedia link, it says that…

Free software is a matter of liberty, not price: users, individually or collectively, are free to do what they want with it, including the freedom to redistribute the software free of charge, or to sell it, or charge for related services such as support or warranty for profit.

However, in your extension’s Terms and Conditions it says that…

This is a single user license for you as App Inventor developer, which means, the extension (aix file) is only for you to use. You are not allowed to pass the extension (aix file) to someone else. In case you are interested in a multiple user license, please contact me by email.

So, your camera extension is not “free software” even by the definition you provided.

hola amigo considero que si no te gusta los términos de la extensión puedes construir una propia puedes empezar por aquí





yes, the camera extension is a paid extension and if you want to use it, you have to follow the terms and conditions…
also my free extensions are not “free” according to that definition, because I do not provide the source code
so my only free extensions following that definition are the screenshot extension and the clipboard extension. Hope that helps.

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Hi im getting an error since android 9 arrived ,on app start

sorry for answering late, I just came back from vacation…
what happens, if you try the example project?