[Paid] AnimationPlus Extension

Anda de 10, gracias genio!!!

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I payed 10$ via paypal.me link i didn’t include a email should i have done this?

i send extension

Yeah i got it thanks works perfectly!

When i’m using the ‘FadeInLeft’ and ‘FadeInRight’ It doesn’t work the first time it just shows the FadeIn animation but the second time the animation is triggered the FadeInLeft/Right shows properly. I’m using arrangements and buttons to trigger the animations, please fix/help. The other animations such as SlideInLeft & SlideInRight always works the first time.

show code block

I’m using the same blocks as I use for the SlideIn Animations: Here is one of the blocks:


Allow an example of apk?

No matter I found

I want to buy it

I paid for the extension

Is There Any app App Link On Playstore Because I Want To See It Animation😍
Excited Of Animation With This Lib .This Extension Is Awesome man😱

I Have Such Extension Personally Made😁
But Andreas Made Buttom And Label or componenet😅

Hola me interesa la extensión xfa!

welcome to our community @yocorro18pevep1
please buy this extension on link -