[Paid] AnimationPlus Extension

Esta extension permite añadir animacion a los componentes visibles con mas de 25 animaciones predefinidas



Flash, Pulse, RubberBand, Shake, Swing, Wobble, Bounce, Tada, StandUp, Wave


Hinge, RollIn, RollOut,Landing,TakingOff,DropOut


BounceIn, BounceInDown, BounceInLeft, BounceInRight, BounceInUp


FadeIn, FadeInUp, FadeInDown, FadeInLeft, FadeInRight

FadeOut, FadeOutDown, FadeOutLeft, FadeOutRight, FadeOutUp


FlipInX, FlipOutX, FlipOutY


RotateIn, RotateInDownLeft, RotateInDownRight, RotateInUpLeft, RotateInUpRight

RotateOut, RotateOutDownLeft, RotateOutDownRight, RotateOutUpLeft, RotateOutUpRight


SlideInLeft, SlideInRight, SlideInUp, SlideInDown

SlideOutLeft, SlideOutRight, SlideOutUp, SlideOutDown


ZoomIn, ZoomInDown, ZoomInLeft, ZoomInRight, ZoomInUp

ZoomOut, ZoomOutDown, ZoomOutLeft, ZoomOutRight, ZoomOutUp

Price 10 USD

librería base



Buen trabajo!! ¿
Algún .apk para poder probar los efectos en mi Android? @Andres_Cotes

Happy New year !!!

Bro this adds animation to arrangements also?
I am searching for a way to hide an arrangement with an animation and show another arrangement with an animation also.
This will be useful for situations where you have many arrangements to mimic multiple screens…

Do you have any video to demonstrate how this extension works?

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There is a demonstration video and apk on the github page.

Hi Andres,

I have a questions about this extension:

is it possible to use e.g. “SlideInDown” or “FadeIn” in combination with the elements size?

What I mean is for example you have a “fill parent” arrangement and another hidden arrangement that you would like to slide in from top but up to now I used your free Animacion extension and it is looking nice but the problem is that the animation does not change the “real” size of the element… So if I would use translateY the animation would look nice but the element still acts like a placeholder and not change it’s real size… Therefor the other elements won’t react to it’s size/position/etc. change…

My question is kind of similar to Mr_Blackds

cheers, Chris

i am a absolute beginner with app inventor.
one question: Where can I pay and download this extension (the .aix file)
I am very interested in the wobble or pulse effect.
I looked to the link on github but there is no posibility to pay for the extension.
Please would your help me.
Greetings Thomas

You Pay PayPal.me/AndresCotes and I send aix to email

thanks. I send it to you.
Greetings Thomas

i sent email with file

I’m excited! The extension is great !!! Thanks a lot for this!
Greetings from germany

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hey Andres!,
So you know if with this extension, or any other, you can make a vertical arrangement animation, I mean the arrangement appears from the bottom to the top-??? thank you !

Si se puede, con esta o con la libre está la ventaja es que tiene presets


I do not know tomorrow I’ll contact you to do some tests here are 2:49 am I’m going to sleep

okay gn8 Andres :wink::sleeping:

I want to buy it

already explained in this topic :wink:

users like to be answered is part of the business, do not be so hard

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It’s really not hard to tell somebody it is already explained above :sweat_smile:

btw I also still wait for a reply :stuck_out_tongue:

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my friend I have realized after all this time using this extension the following, please tell me can something be done to fix it?

suppose that

  • I have 2 arrangements A + B
  • animation used to hide any arrangement is FadeOut
  • animation used to show any arrangement is ZoomIn by default with an option for the user to select in settings another from some options in a spinner

I hide A and it fades out normally and using a clock I show B. When I show B for the first time B appears with a different animation from ZoomIn (it appears from left with ZoomIn together?? or left with the animation the user set in application settings)…

If I hide B and show A and then show B for a second time then B will properly have ZoomIn as animation.

The same goes for A arrangement of course, or any other element.

Is there a way for me to do something to fix it or it needs your attention and maybe a new release??