Page Marker for EBOOK App

Am making ebooks using airtable (image links), web viewer with buttons (Preview < and Next >). I want a page marker option.

Example: When I close the BOOK APP and open again the APP to read the book, it automatically shows the page where I left … means

Open App To Read Book >> Pg. no: 52 >> App Closed


Open App >> Its shows the same page ( Pg. no: 52 ) where I left last time.

am a beginner. Lots of members are telling me to use TINY DB. But I don’t know how to use it.
Please help me in the blocks section

Please help me !!

TinyDB is very simple to use.
You decide on how to call whatever you want stored, and specify this name (text) as a tag, when saving to tinyDB.
When you need to get it out, you simply use the get value command, using the same tag.

Anything can be stored with the tag: a list, a string, a number.
You only need to provide for the case where the tag is missing, and to build your logic to handle such case where the value is returned as specified with the “value if tag not there”.

Just bear in mind that when you store something, if the tag already existed, then the original content is replaced with the new one.

can you help me in block section ?

I flagged your post. You are not using Thunkable. Only ask in the forum of the builder you use.