Package Name Problem



i have an old application on playstore made in its has 1400 active user currently .
due to some reason admob add not seen. so i want to update app. and reduce advertisement.
but i have not any previous record or aia file of current play store app.
so i create new app with 1.2 version and same name, same gmail but package name diff. and android.keystore missing.
old package name :
new package name : com.gmailusername.appname

Please somebody help me.


if you don’t have a backup of your old keystore there is no way to get it back… not even for thunkable team…


i have old keystore save but not sure it is of this version


If you have your Keystore File then take a look at
//edit: - link see reply below -


Actually, I have published a complete guide to change package name yesterday: A complete guide to changing app package name / custom keystore signing

The link which @gre4t_wh1te posted doesn’t contain a solution, but since I succeeded I decided to make a tutorial.


Aah thx @Avram I meant to copy that link but I messed it up :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:



I have tried uploading an upgrade of my app to Google Play store, but there is a problem with the package name. The current app was uploaded over a year ago. I worked on the saved project on Thunkable and it appears from what I have read that the package name of Thunkable apps were changed. I have found solutions in the forum for app inventor apps, but my app was built on Thunkable and I am not sure what to do. The error states that the package name must be I have uploaded an apk with the same app name as the previously uploaded version, but it produces this error. Please advise. Thanks.