Package name has been changed "Google Play error"


Hello Thunkable team,
I just wanted to update my app on Google Play, but I found out that my package name has been changed because the new release “Thunkable” has been deleted from the package name and Google Play will not accept it.
What is the solution, please?
My app has 20,000 downloads and I do need to update it. Please what should I do?
best regards,
This happen when I download my aia file to my computer and when I upload it again the package name has been changed.
By the way, I saved the old keystore. Does it work if I upload the old keystore.


Does this help? From Google Play.
Please, see if I can update my app after the package name has been changed.


If you downloaded your old .aia (+Keystore file) and want to re-upload it for some reason, upload the .aia “as legacy app” to not get the new bundle/package name. - sorry I was wrong with that


I will try to upload it as legacy and see.


Can Thunkable return the old package name then we can prepare for these issues after that they release the new feature?
My old aia will lost many features that I add to the new one.


They should tell us the instructions before releasing a new features to avoid the problems.


there is no issue as long as you do not re-upload your .aia and continue working on one file. However I do agree with you that they should have figured things out before publishing a half-baked update because there are few problems like you also cannot open apps after you copied and build .apk from an old one…

And they could have provided a how to in case you have to re-upload your old .aia (like for testing or troubleshooting)…

best, Chris


I have around 32 aia file saved for my old updates. I upload the 28th but it does not work. I cannot upload less than that because I will lost most of my app features.
Well, what can I do now?
Is the keystore = package name or they are different?
I downloaded the keystore from the beginning.


Well, if I upload the 30th aia file as legacy and import the old keystore, does it work?
The problem is with the package name.


The story is that:
I was working on the 32 aia file “it is good” but I delete the app for a reason then uploaded it again as not as legacy, then the problem starts.


Still the same. We do need to get Thunkable in the package name till we fix our problems then Thunkable can release the new features.
The we need to be informed about the instructions before any new releases.


No. The legacy option is to restore the App Inventor package name not the old Thunkable package name.


So what should I do? @Conor
Why my package name of my old aia file has been changed as well?
Please I need to fix this issue.


Oh I see I thought this would return to the earlier package name but it simply changes to “

Okay - this way, the Tunkable update is really bad because there is no easy way to fix this until they fix their service :frowning:


KeyStore and Package Name are Two different things. Restoring your keystore would make no difference until the issue you are encountering which if True; most of us will also encounter during our update is solved. @Thunkable Always has a Solution so Keep Still and wait for it to be fixed. you can also Pm them for personal Attention.


I emailed the admins and we are waiting to fix this issue.


Bro my problem is same-same like you …if you found solution then plese mail that information on my email id- [email protected]


The problem has been solved.
Latest Android Release (Feb 20) - Package name bug fixes


hello sir, you can change the version code of your app and then update on the Play Store then it will be succesfully update…
Will appear in the property on screen 1 below