Package Manager extension

Extension to get installed package information and to be able to launch an installed app using a package name.

For details see here App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps



Top. Congratulations on the Great Work.

Hi all, @taifun does this extension give you the class as well? If not, How can you pull this info from the installed app? Thanks. Keep up the great work you do.

no, this information is provided from the Package Manager and used in the LaunchApp method directly

After reading this stackoverflow answer and trying a few things I don’t think, it is possible to return this information…


That’s a bummer. Would that be the same as Activity Class, as what you need in activity starter?

why don’t you just use the LaunchApp method from the package manager extension?


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how are you. I want to request, specifically I want to update this extension want to also show system applications. Please, I hope it is free and thank you very much

From App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps

Thank you for your reply. Thank you for your help

I do not know English very much but I think he wants a fee to update the extension


How do we close an open program from the package name?

HELP!!! I don’t see the icons! I just see words. Fix this please. Can someone send me the .aix file of the one with the icons?

the extension provides everything you need including the icon, you only have to extract it from the information you get…

see also the documentation at App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps

Pro Version

Those who are donating a small amount will additionally receive the package manager pro example app , which is able to display an icon and app name in a table listpicker, see screenshots below.


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