Open Facebook App using Activity Starter


Hello @indian

Try below blocks with package manager extension to open FACEBOOK LITE:



It’s not working. Some error msg is displayed


What is the error?

Do you have Facebook lite app installed on phone?


Did that worked for you?


Yes fb lite is installed. But error is coming.

I will share you the screen shot.


hello sir how to open externals link of my website to default browser


use the activity starter.

first add designer>connectivity>activity starter hidden layout

second follow this format
action: android.intent.action.VIEW
datauri: Your website link

third call activity starter start


bro where to put this activity starter variables


Add a button in the designer.

then look for block
when button1 click do
{activity starter blocks}


cant i use with webview click for link?


Using webview, you can open the website inside your app.
But webview has its own functions and limitations.
Everything you do will stay there in webview.
Thus, you cannot open a website to your phone web browser by using click-button-link inside webview.

So you should decide whether to use webview or to use phone web browser.


But Sir It open about page of my facebook page , can we open home page ?


I have an issue with the Activity Starter to the Play Console. I have two similar apps, one is a lite version and the newest (PRO version), which I posted today. This screenshot points to my new app. The old app was posted prior to the changes Thunakble make the URL links. The new one has “thunkable” removed from the URL. However, when you click on the Rateit Button in my new app, it directs me the old app. I can’t figure it out. ANy suggestions?



I am trying to figure out how to get the app to open the Web Browser to my Facebook Page if the mobile device doesn’t have the Facebook App installed.

I used the code here to get it to open the Facebook App just fine, but get an error if the device doesn’t have Facebook installed.

Any ideas?


It is easy.

IF you want to open your Facebook Page in the default Web Browser
then use this
android.intent.action.VIEW =

If you want to open your Facebook Page in the Facebook App
then use this
android.intent.action.VIEW = fb://facewebmodal/f?href=

if there is no Facebook App, then you will get an error here.
To check if there is a Facebook App installed in the device then use the extension of taifun


Android name : intent.action.VIEW
Pakega name : com.facebook.katana
Class name : com.facebook.account.switcher.shortcuts.AccountSwitcherShortcutActivity

It help u alot


Hi , i want to share a image in Facebook, by just one button press !! (without any further human interaction ),fbb by this way i’m able to open my Facebook app but it still require human interaction to complete the share operation!:sweat: to share image ? to do it without any human interaction ?


use this on your URI.parse block = fb://page/YourFacebookPageID

you can find the facebook page ID on the about section on your page

Note: page ID are all numbers. not your page username