Open Facebook App using Activity Starter


Is there a way to use the Activity Starter
to open FB App?
I want to put a button link in my app to my fb page.
please help me. thank you

Open app knowing the app name

You can put your facebook fanspage link at block data uri, happy thunkable


How is your Facebook Page called? Can you give a link to it.


my facebook page open inside the default browser.
my fb page link is


Does this work?


No. It opens with browser


No, it opens a Facebook app… Apps like Facebook has a piece of code inside manifest which automatically opens Facebook (if it’s installed on your device), if you open Well this demo works for me…


Here you go, this will open your Facebook page directly in the Facebook app:

Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
Data Uri: fb://facewebmodal/f?href=

Open external app from webview

Thank you Conor!!
this is the one I have been looking for.
this is the correct code.

it really opens my facebook page inside the fb app.


how can I open Google Play app to my app from activity starter?


Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
Data Uri:

The DataUri should be the exact link to your app on the Google Play Store.


Hi Conor
My app link consists of
Should I put Then my app link which consists of as well?


I got it.
Thank you so much!
I love Thunkable


Hello, I am, I love thunkable, any questions :joy: :joy:


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I want to put direct link in my app to my fb page.
please help me. thank you


See my post a bit further up this topic…

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i also did this to app user check my fb profile but app show error help me


It is not working for face book lite version…Help needed.