Open a particular website inside the app

I created and app in which a website of mine opens for ex:
now if i get the mail link for the website it opens in the default browser!
i want that link only,to open in my app and should come in related apps tab where we select once,every time.
as link when clicked the app opens if that exist !,similarly the facebook app too !
please help its very urgent !!!

Presumably, you are using a WebViewer component.

Have you enabled the “follow links” property?

I have enabled follow links as true !
I just want if I click on my website link, the app should open that link ,none of the other links
Please check it ! I want it as YouTube: if you type or click on URL as the YouTube app automatically opens !

“Check it” what?

What ‘other links’?

Other links,means no other websites link click should show my app as default ! Only should show app as open just once or always option

Look, I don’t know what you are doing with those “links” of yours that you post, but none of them are actually working.

And if I can make a suggestion, go to google translate, type your question there in your NATIVE LANGUAGE and have the system translate it to English. Right now, I am unable to parse what you are writing.

***I need this kind of intent filter in thunkable, when ever I click on any link which is in my text editor or email it will prompt for its compatible apps,those will be chrome,my app,etc

Will anyone reply ?

Not until you make yourself understandable.

The image I attached above, I need that thing in thinkable please ! How !

I still have no idea what you mean.

•I created app of website by webview
•the app opens the home URL when opened
•but, if for example I click website link in my email, it prompts chrome browser,which I don’t want , I want to open it in app only

You mean you want to open the clicked website in your app?

I am afraid this cannot be done currently… :neutral_face:

Wait for other’s comments… :slight_smile:

Thanks! :blush:

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If you are reading your email OUTSIDE of your app, then evidently the system has no way to know that you want to open the link in your app. You would need to have written the email reader itself to control how it behaves.

Now, there is a setting that you can do ( see ) to select which application opens links. The example is how to specify Chrome to be the default; not having any use for another browser, I cannot vouch that you can specify one of your own app there.

But if it can be done, the result would be that

  • any link you click would be opened by your app, and not Chrome
  • every device would have to be set accordingly

In other words, it is not you or your app that makes the adjustment, it would have to be done deliberately and manually by each user.

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That’s what the code does ! In the screenshot on 7th reply ! Which I kinda want In thunkable !
(That is : in the phone anywhere if you click that link of my website it will prompt for relevent apps to open, in which my app will also be there )