Online storage for android app

i have some questions about storageOnline components
i’m interesting in spreadSheet, RealTime (firebase), fusionstables, sqlLite online

there is many videos and articles to describe each of them, but i didn’t find any article or blog to compare them :

i need to know :

Function mode (sqlmode or nosqlMode)
Technical Limitation for each of them
Setup and configuration (it’s easy ? it’s free ?..)
Are they work for thunkableX ? (for example, why i didnt’ find fusionstables in thunkableX
What’s the advantage and disadvantge of them ?

can you help me please ?

Hi Again,
I heard also that fusion table service will be stopped by google on December 3, 2019
is that true? is there any replacement solution ?

Correct, Fusion Tables will be wound down in 2 months or so. See more here:

Also, just in case you missed the emails and the community announcements, Thunkable Classic will be retiring next July.

There are lots of great storage options available in Thunkable X, if you’d like any advice on using them please just let me know.

Hello @robokidsrj You can use Google Spreadsheet as a database of your app using Spreadsheets extension . For more info watch this video.

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Hi cttricks,
In fact i’m using ThunkableX, and i have a complex data structure, the only way to manage those data is to use sql statement
so i’m asking if there is any online Database using SQL statement