One signal push notification didn't work in android 8 or more



One signal push notification is a great component in thunkable without any doubt. I used in my app which already published in google play & which has 8000k active install. So i add the one signal push notification id in screen one, then update it and work fine in android 5 but it later on I received lot of app crashes message in google play console. It report shows that problem occur in android 8 or 8.1.

I think its bug.
What should i do?
Should I use any block?
Or I should give the one signal push notification id code in every screen?
Or it is internal error?


have google mentioned that your error is due to one signal?


Same problem here. I receive tons of errors after implementing the one signal push notification component. Hope there is be a solution eventually.

Some screenshots in the google play console:

Seems one signal push notification has caused the BootUpReceiver.onReceive error. After I removed it and published a update, the number of errors has decreased a lot. In addition, there is no errors occur in the new version (The version that removed one signal component)

This error only occurs on Android 8 and 8.1


@Tariqul You can refer to App Crashing in v342 for this issue. Let them know if you have anything to say regarding this issue.