On button click,show loading.png for 3 sec



HI all
i am creating a wallpaper app,in which when user click on load wallpaper button,10 image loads from firebase(it takes 3 sec to load).
What i want is that when user click on load button an loading.png should be shown for 3 sec or till all image loads.
Thank you


The amount of time varies depending on the quality of your users internet connection speed. Fortunately the notifier has just what you need. When the button is pressed call Notifier1.ShowProgressDialog and when you receive the data from firebase use Notifier1.DismissProgressDialog


I did the same 10 min ago but the problem is when load button clicked my screen goes freeze and no dialog displayed
and when all images loads up ,screen become normal again


Can you share a screenshot of your blocks??


Here are my blocks


The dismiss block should not be in that event.


Thank you for reply.
but as i said app screen freeze when i press load button because of this notification dialog come after all images loaded(not immediately after clicking)
So now the main problem is freezing. how to get rid on it.


1.You can use clock component for showing loading animation and set your own time.I will create a video for that ASAP.
2.Moreover, why can’t you use web viewer instead of image component.With web viewer you can use extended web viewer extension ,with the help of which you can show a progress bar.


How can the sum of height percentage be greater than 100.I think this is the main reason for your screen to stop working.

and moreover the show and dismiss of the notifier can’t run for the same event as Domhnall said.
Hope this will resolve your problem friend.


First of all Thank you for reply
You mean i can use web viewer to show images from firebase.
I want to show my images like this

and when user click on the image ,image loads with full quality(which is clicked) and there will will be 2 option for user to “set as background” and “save image”
Let me know if this is possible Eenjeen
Thank you


Yes it is absolutely possible.If you have knowledge regarding html create an html page with the above look or else create a html file with google docs .Now, you have to just play with the web viewer current url block .I refer you to use Luke Gackle’s Webview tools extension

It has a block called when page load ,use this block to check current url and set the Buttons visible if the url is not equal to home url .
Hope it is helpful for you!
By the way there are so many ways to implement the same operation and different methods are helpful in different circumstances.


Thank you much for the help, can you please let me know about the best or easy option i should choose for creating a wallpaper app ,which show images from firebase.
or how to do it with html
Thank you


@Rahul_Saini I will surely create an example app for that but, I need some time .By the way for storing images I may use Cloudinary db instead of Firebase .You can use anyone each has there own good features but cloudinary is more focused on media.


Ok waiting for your example app.i really need it.
Thank you


How about using material cards extension by Carlos_Pedroza to display wallpapers

Have a look at that and I think this is the easiest and best way to create wallpaper app with good UI.