Offline barcode generator. No extension or Javascript. QR, EAN13, Aztec, Code39, PDF417 and more!


In the beginning of App Inventor (version 1) using the activitystarter to generate a barcode was impossible.
There was only one ‘extras’ field but to generate a barcode you needed more.
Since the activitystarter is able to get arguments in a list, I thought it should be possible to generate a barcode without an internet connection (offline), without an extension and without a webviewer and Javascript.
I tested it and it works! Not only QR barcodes but also EAN13, Aztec, Code39, Code128 and many more!
I have made an example for you to test. All the barcodes that I have tested and that worked, are shown in the ‘TestedAndAcceptedBarcodeFormats’ block.

ZXing_Barcode_Generator.aia (4.2 KB)

Is there a way to make qr codes and a barcode maker?

The app made by using this aia is not working.It is giving error :point_down::point_down:

How to resolve this???