OCR API (offline, archived post)

:warning: Note: the API is no longer available and is now shutdown, thank you.


Hello there, for past 2 weeks, I have been working on my new Optical Character Recognition API called Tasks. And so, I have completed doing that! It is a completely free API, to which you can make unlimited calls. So you can no longer have limits of OCR.space + you don’t need @Mika’s OCR extension anymore. Currently my API supports only languages English and German, but I will add more and more languages constantly. I just didn’t add more languages to the public API, because this is just a start.

How to use

:warning:   Note: there is a space at the end of start string.

Donation link

I am not able to keep this API running by myself only, I need your help guys. There ain’t such thing as a free lunch, this applies to server hosting too. Every single donation is really appreciated!

Currently available language’s codes

  • eng - English language
  • deu - German language

Best regards, Ben (@moliata on GitHub)


Awesome work Ben.Please add italian language support

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That is already added on my private API, I will adding it in a coming days.


eso no lo decides tu

Problem is that you either use a bad translator or you don’t get what I am saying. In other words:
If you don’t want to have limits with OCR.space and want it for free, you don’t need Mika’s extension, because this method uses only web component…


but your solution requires your server to be up and running… is that correct?
so if you decide one day to stop that service, all apps which use your service will stop working…


Yes, but thing is that I won’t ever stop the service. Even if I don’t pay a required amount for a specific month, server will still be up because Heroku will just make my plan smaller for that month. I am able to create 200 such kind of servers (and I don’t think that I will create that much). And even if I would think about stopping the service, I would give a notice for at least 2 months. To switch back users, would just need to set their API keys and a few more things, thats it.


Nice. Is there any AIA to test it?

Sorry, no, but please take a look into blocks and try recreating it.


Can you add Spanish ?

Owh, sorry. I probably missed to click deploy button and the old v. is still up! Will do it later today…


hi, I am very interested in your OCR API. but I have a problem with my project. why the results that are generated always are the number 0. ok thanks. I’m really waiting for the solution to be given

sorry, is there something wrong with my block


You need to upload your image to a server, right now, you are passing text “example_01.png”, and you need to pass url.

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Yes you are posting Kodular blocks in the Thunkable forum.

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okay thank you very much for the solution, good luck

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for this mistake I apologize a lot, next time I won’t repeat it again

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What do I do to upload to the server?
I am facing the same problem, but I can not understand it even if I tell you the solution.

Thank you


Please is this API still available?

@Sezi01 I don’t think so… maybe @ILoveThunkable can clarify?