Numbers in regional language like devnagari unicode

Hi, I am a teacher from india . I want to create an app for Maths. In this app I want to use numbers in regional Language like devnagari unicode. But it is not supported when I use global numbers in devnagari in thunkable. when I use Devnagari unicode in excel it can be used, but not in thunkable . How can I solve this problem ?
Kindly help.

Simply have an intermediate process that identify the digits from devnagari and populates numeric buffers, do your math, and then extract the digits one by one from the answer to convert to devnagari text.

Thanks Sir. But can you explain it with blocks because I didn’t understand what to do

Make yourself a pair of list that look like this:


where, in your case, ‘zero’, ‘one’, ‘two’ etc. are replaced by your devnagari symbols.

Then have your process take the number, character by character, and build another sequence using the symbol with the same index of the other list.

You can use the “index in list” to find the index value that identifies the counterpart symbol.

Thanks for your reply Sir.
Sorry to annoying you, I did this but what to do next ? How to convert number in Devnagari ? so which block should I use that I do not understand. So if it is possible then please explain more with blocks

Here is a limited scope example, using only 1 2 and 3 but skipping 4 for illustration.

Note that the value of “digits” is set to 1243.

Now, if I click my button 4, the processing will replace every instance of “1” with “one”, every instance of “2” with “two”, and “3” with “three”, and display the resulting string “onetwo4three”.

Button 3 is the reverse process, taking the resulting “onetwo4three” and replacing the names with the corresponding digits; the result being displayed is similar to the original “1243”.

You just need to hack that and expand to cover all the required digits, using the symbols you need instead of “one”, “two” and “three”.

You have your users enter your Devnagari symbols, then your program convert them to digits the math function can handle, perform the required arithmetic, derive the numerical answer, and convert that to Devnagary symbols to display.

It is that simple.

Thank you so much Sir, for your kind help.