Now Offering $50 USD Bounty For USB OTG Serial Extension

Hello, I’m here looking to buy or pay someone to create me an extension.

My requirements are pretty straight forward, I’m looking to use a devices USB/OTG port to send and receive serial data to an FTDI device. The device is OTG compatible and I have several commercial apps that recognize this device with out any issues. I have looked at the Arduino USB extension but it won’t work for what I am doing.

I’m not sure what settings Thunkable/Android OTG would use but Windows use’s the device with the following settings.
Data bits:8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: None

Much like a Bluetooth this also sends data using a carriage return and returns data on a newline with the response from the device.

I have no idea what the limitations are for extensions, ideally making the phones USB show up as a “Virtual” Bluetooth device would be ideal for integration with my current App. Of course if that’s not possible then a method to open and close the device port at 115200 baud and send/receive data would also work for what I’m doing.

You can message me here or email me directly [email protected] with your projected cost to create something like this or if there is more information needed for some reason. I have PP ready to go as soon as someone can do this.


Hello, what devices do you want to connect to a cell phone?

This is an extension that looks if your device has the feature (5,7 KB)


this can also help


Andres Cotes

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I think it can be created from these 2 files (11,7 KB) (14,3 KB)

only it would be necessary to solve the how to add these lines to the manifest

Here is the data sheet for the FTDI in one of the devices I use.

Link to one of the actual device

Here is another device

Both of these devices will connect to my Samsung phone with OTG using app’s like Torq from the Playstore.

I looked at some of what you shared, I have looked at the felHR85 project but I don’t under stand a lot of it.

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Now offering a 50 dollar bounty for someone that can create an extension for USB OTG that works with devices I have linked in previous post.

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Work pending with a developer. Will update if they are able to create this or if it’s still up for grabs.

I was missing the same functionality in Appinventor, so I did som work with the latest Physicaloid library I coud find. I had to do a refactoring of the Library to make it coexist with the built in Serial component and AI Companion, Then I corrected a number of issues. In Appinventor it works with the most common usb-serial chips (tested). I dont know if it will work with Thunkable yet, but I am interested to know!
Maybe you can try it?