Notify extension

I am looking for a noti extension that when I click on it, open the application. The current extensions available, if I click on the noti, opens the app from the beginning, even if they are already open, or do nothing.

It’s possible? Thanks for the help.

Hi, @cofest

You can try this extension created by Taifun (Pura Vida Apps).

when i click on the noti, opens the app from the beginning even if is already open.

This plugin also creates a start text. When you click on the notification, you will be able to perform a different action.

Use “Get Plain Start Text” block with “If” block.
If , Get Plain Start Text = “launch”
(then add your actions here)

Picture from Taifun (Pura Vida Apps) website:

Yes, I do, but I do not want the application, if it is already OPEN, to be closed and reopened. I want, if the application is open, when I click on noti, only open, not close and open.

unfortunately that feature is not available in the notification extension