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Hey there :wave:

Today I’m going to publish a system that probably lots of users will use: a Notification System
It works with an API that I’ve attached down, a MySQL server (you can get one for free here) and some components

The app fetchs every time it loads to the notification server, and if there is a new notification, it shows to the user

You can customize:

  • The title
  • The content
  • The image
  • The button
  • The theme (comming soon when @mika and @helios release a new version of their Dialogs extension)

This method can be useful if you want to notify users that there is a new version of your app avaliable, or that you are working on a new function, or similar
You have no limits! :wink:

:rotating_light: To send notifications, access to PHPMyAdmin, click in alerts table, and then in the Insert tab, and fill your notifications settings (it supports HTML markup)


To install it in your server and start sending notificatins:

1. Upload the files to an Apache NGINX or hosting service
2. Upload the alerts.sql to PHPMyAdmin to load the database sctructure
3. Configure in index.php your access $key
4. Configure in dbconfig.php your database details
5. Configure in the .aia file your hosting details



  • Comment here any problem or doubt that you have
  • Report here any bug

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Great work, I am going to use this!

BTW: Thanks for the shout-out in the screenshot :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Wow this is what i needed :blush: Thanks and keep up the good work​:+1:


Please description the role of the key and how it to create!

Thx Peter


The key is just a security method, so unauthorized users won’t make requests to the API

To set your key, open index.php and edit line 13 to $key = "YOUR_RANDOM_KEY";

You can set the key you want, from 1 to a complex random string


ok, I understand, but if I set this:

// Security Methods

$key = “255”;

if (!isset($_GET[‘key’])) {
exit(“No Key”);
} else {
if ($_GET[‘key’] != $key) {
exit(“Incorrect Key”);

and upload index.php to mysql server and open my error appears :

No Key

What is the problem now?

And an other question is: Which changes I have to do in your “Alerts.aia”-file?

thx for your support!



Add after the url ?key=YOUR_KEY

That is what the block BASE_URL do:


ok, thx and

SERVER_URL is empty? Or server name.con/directory ?
and is SERVER_PASSWORD also empty or the admin password of mysql server?





  • Now the theme method is working fine

PD: Thanks to @Mika and @Helios for their amazing extension :smile:


Ok, now I understand. Thx so much!



Hello, I merged your code with my WorldWideMap code. So I am able to send a notification if there a new specialist, project or personal services providers on world wide map. Download URL:

Download WorldWideMap APK


Great job! It’s really cool!


@barreeeiroo, simply fantastic!!! Keep up your good job!!! Congratulations and thank you for your efforts.


@barreeeiroo Thanks for the good job!! Could you tell me how to send the notification just for one user? Not to everyone…


I am new in this Notification System…My questions: can you send a Notification to all users of your App? And then, will they be able to see the notification automatically even though the App is not running? or they need to open the App so that the notification will enter?


The notification is sent to all users in the app always
They have to open tha app as we haven’t background services


plz sir any video link send me notification system
i cannot understand your method


Can you share aia file. Thanks


Sureworldwidemap.aia (128.6 KB)