#NoLine3: post-Standing Rock water art + science Native American youth led app to fight Tar Sands oil pipeline in Minnesota

I am a poet and chemist who is looking for Thunkers to collaborate with on a app to map arsenic associated with oil and mining waste in northern Minnesota. I saw Thunkable yesterday, and am super excited by it’s tool box. I want people to analyze metals in water with Arduino sensors and overlay the data with art. Is anyone interested in helping?

“WikiArsenic Step 1: Posting GPS Coordinates from Android Phone to Twitter with Thunkable in One…” https://medium.com/@kayaerbil/wikiarsenic-step-1-posting-gps-coordinates-from-android-phone-to-twitter-with-thunkable-in-one-2437f35a2d6c

#WikiArsenic: We the People Uploading Heavy Metal Water Chemistry Data via IoT to AR/VR + Reality…” https://medium.com/@kayaerbil/wikiarsenic-we-the-people-uploading-heavy-metal-water-chemistry-data-via-iot-to-ar-vr-reality-4184cbca2ca