No internet connection on the screen when there is no internet connection


no internet conection screen label


Your question is unclear…

What do you want to do without an internet connection?


to be able to use Thunkable, you need internet connection

you might want to use AI2U, which is an offline App Inventor personal server, see also the overview here!topic/ai4a/ajG4Q6UrRR8





Seria isso:


Use @Bernardo’s link to @Mika’s website to let your app check your internet connection. Use @Taifun’s WiFi Manager Extension to get wifi information. Please describe your problem better next time.

Greetings, @Red_Panda


A minha postagem foi uma resposta à @Baris_Guneri. Ok @Red_Panda? Thanks


I have used web viewer component in my app.when user use my app and there is no internet connection thw web viewer shows my website url and i dont want to show them my url can i hide my weburl and show only ‘No internet connection’.please reply if you have any idea.