Next higher value

How to get next higher value of a fixed value from a for example a list like
I have a fixed value like higher value will be 23500 from that list.
plz tell me how to get that value

What have you tried so far?

several times

Post your blocks

i request you to post block.i tried several times . i dont get that i tried to get value using if number of block is too much.

Post your blocks and we’ll be able to see the problem.

The formula is N + 700

@Sandi_Chak, in the community, it is appropriate if you are asking for help, to also post what you have tried already instead of just a description of the problem. Post screenshots of the blocks or a share link to your app. That makes troubleshooting much easier. The issues you are experiencing could be more than simply the blocks to get the math to work.

there is no fixed value like 700.if this is fixed i will fix my problem