Newbie now with you

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Hi, @PaulaDS! :wave:

Welcome to Thunkable Community! :tada:

This is a vibrant community, and everyone here is very helpful and friendly to each other.
If you encounter any problems with your journey, we’ll be very happy to help you here :+1:

May you have a long and happy journey with Thunkable X :blush: :tada:
Happy Thunking! :tada:

Thanks and Happy New Year! :blush:

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Spam account? This same message was posted on other forums. If not, then welcome @PaulaDS! What’s your interest in app development?

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there is no each what still other spam accounts,I have only this forum view
I worked in developing apps for disabled children
and I want to continue to develop such applications

I’m sorry to jump to that conclusion. I wasn’t sure.

This is the other forum post I was referencing:

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I am doing the same! What kind of things are you working on? Specifically I plan to develop a brief line of apps for ABA practitioners and parents of children with autism or other developmental disabilities

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