New WebViewer Component


Very interesting!! So, let’s wait for this implementation, maybe after IOS implementation.


Can it downloads and uploads?


I think so, because it’s a GoogleChrome Browser

What this new webviewer has is a Chrome browser inside. When it loads the page, Chrome starts running in background and loads the page in the WebViwer, because if you click in Open with Chrome, you will see that it doesn’t have to charge again the page, it has already loaded with the WebViwer


Hi Is it webRTC capable?


Mmm, I think so

At least, this examples had worked perfectly in Chrome:, and if chrome is able to use them, new WebViwer will be


Thanks for the suggestion. We are thinking that as well internally at Thunkable. There is at least one challenge we need to face - the new webviewer is only added in Android 4.4 and above, but the lowest android version we support is Android 4.0; we either need to drop support for any android device lowers than 4.4 or we need to find a way to support both without breaking the old projects. so we need to have more discussions here …


You could implement a version recognizer, so if user uses 4.0 to 4.3 will be displayed the old one, and if it’s bigger than 4.4 it will show the new one
Is this possible?


@wei or You could incorporate both the web viewers in the panel (while naming the new one as “advance web Viewer”) so that if i was building an app, i would have at the back of my mind that if i was to use the advance web viewer, i would be limiting my user base to android 4.4 and above only.

But for just one webviewer to scrub off a whole lot of user base, i don’t think that is cool as well. i know you guys always have a way so try and make this possible.

*Let me use this opportunity to once again ask for support for background running Apps. thanks

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@wei or you could add the new web viewer to the experimental tab. Users would have to know that if they decide to use that option, they will be limiting their user base to only Android 4.4 and Above


Same question :slight_smile: i wish it will become a Full Browser


Hi Sir @barreeeiroo @thunkable with this new android web viewer will allow to watch videos from streaming websites in full screen? because the current web viewer wont allow full-screen video. :slight_smile: im just waiting for the new web viewer update before i will launch my new app since my app requires to upload and download files.



for this update


Any updates :slight_smile:


You may want to check out ExtendedWebViewer extension created by me & @Sivagiri_Visakan:

We, have implemented ChromeWebClient & we are extending possibilities of Web Viewer. We are still working on a new update coming this month.


hello, how can i use html links into web viewer component?


What do you mean?


Hello, my html images are not showing on my app(I have used web viewer component) to upload my html link which contains images. the images are showing in the browser. please help!!


same problem i am also not able to open image in webviewer


please anyone help me regarding my problem i am not able to open images in html file.plz help


I like this idea for the following reason:
We want to support Mapbox GL (think of WebGL), but the current version of the webViewer does not support it. A -more- modern version of it the web viewer should be able to solve this problem.