New releases for extensions coming soon!

Hello everyone! Long time, no see!

I’m planning to release a final version of the Dialogs and ExtraComponents extensions, before withdrawing support for these.
The new release will fix the bug pertaining to the DX errors which many users are complaining about.

I’ll keep you updated.


Nice :+1:
And finally :sweat_smile:


what do you mean with “withdrawing suppor”?

He just means that the next release will be a final, stable release and that there won’t be future updates to these extensions.

This is great news if you want to include these extensions in your app, thanks @Helios! :slight_smile:

:wink: Agree with @domhnallohanlon

that’s nice…dialog and extra component are two amazing extensions

@Helios Please take care of the number input error that doesn’t allow decimal numbers, thanks


Nice to have you back. Nice news for all.
Before withdrawing support for these extensions plz consider for extra components and more specifically for the toggle button the option user to be able to set a static ID if this is possible.

  1. I have noticed a bug while using Toggle - Can’t use GoogleMaps_component + Toggle Extension together. There is a conflict with ID between them. Consider providing static ID option if possible, as suggested by @Mr_Blackd
  2. There is already a BUG using both Dailogs + Toggle together.
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What I do and works fine I suppose is this at initialization:

When I read the config file I do this

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Thanks for reporting!
I’ll look into it and see if I can include static IDs


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Thanks @Helios


Niko, What happens if you have more than 1 toggle buttons and in more than one screens?? :wink:

I am aware of making several arrangements for 1 screen and fake the several screens effect but in some cases the app creator may have a good reason to use 2,3 or more screens…

Let me give you a “short” example…

I have an app with multiple screens, lets say 4 screens

Screen2 & Screen3 are for input of different type of data and with the use of a toggle button in each screen they change from input mode to edit and delete mode…

Screen4 is a Statistics screen with different types of charts that are displayed in a WebViewer with another toggle button.

Finally, Screen1 is an today’s overview screen with a Custom ListView showing data inserted in Screen3.

If no data yet recorded, the list items show what the user is expected to record in the app today with a pending status. Pressing on each list item with pending status the app goes to Screen3 with some of the values there pre-selected according to the list item selected, so as the user to record the minimum required info.

However if an entry already exists for today and the list item showing it is pressed then Screen3 has to open in edit/delete mode so as for the user to modify what has previously recorded. This means that the toggle button that changes the mode in Screen3 has to be toggled on.

Keep in mind that each time a screen initializes the toggle button is created and the ID for increases by 1 for each component…

Currently I am doing the following to be able to know what each time the ID of each toggle button is…
BUT Knowing what ID you used in the first place makes all the process simpler

On Screen1.initialize

On Screen2 / Screen3 / Screen4. initialize

each time I need to toggle the toggle button through the item selected in the ListView…