New Notification to status bar extension


The extension is supposed to work in onStop state of the app, but not indefinitely, as the system could release the resources it needs and even kill the process at last, maintaining only some basic informations about it . This is related to system resources in the end-


I tested it and it is working for my Marshmallow device now. A picture would be great, though


Updated: your app icon is now shown. See first post with aix link updated


Could you add weekday method ? It makes that you can send notification every week without starting app. For example if you set at Saturday your weekly event eg. training it will fires every Friday and remind your activity.


It is already possible but you should use New Improved Notification extension (look for it in this community under its own topic)


@Kus_Zab Can you Tell that How You Did that!!

Its Amazing


Hey, I noticed a bug. When you insert a one-element list in style 3, the notification text stays empty


hi @Tiziano1960 Currently the extension does not work with android 8.1 maybe you can update it to the latest api I would really appreciate it.


See it…


I’ve tried it yesterday … but it’s not what I need. Thank you


Hi @Tiziano1960, This extension doesn’t work with 8.1 and 9.0. I’m getting run time errors when I try to send the notification. Could you please update this extension to make it work for both 8.1 and 9.0? Run time error I’m getting is “The operation Notify cannot accept the arguments:…” Thanks in advance…