New name in Google Play for uploaded app


I now have a new name on Google play for any new apps I create. It no longer starts with com.thunkerable, but instead starts with my login user mail address.
I did ask to use the original key from a previous application which had com.thunkerable start, when I uploaded the APK, but it made no difference!
What is going on?


This change had been disused a lot when it was implemented a long time ago. There is a dedicated thread on this and steps to avoid such issues as you describe. Just do a search like this


That’s right, since their last update it will be so.

For you this is probably what you need to do to have the same package name format as your previous app.

Do you mean keystore.



I have just uploaded a new app to Google Play using the new non-thinkable package name.
Then I tried to upload an update, after making changes on, and it says it is not the same package name! It is the same name on Thunkable, so what is going on?
One thing it does not tell you, on Google Play, is the package name of the APK you just uploaded!
So I have no idea how to update releases on Google play as I cannot upload the same app twice.


The new app and update were made within two days of each other over this weekend.
Once you have logged into Google Play Console, they store the key and compare every new app to it.
New app accepted because it is a new name.
Update refused as it does not have the same name???
Both created on and downloaded, no keystore changed, but they come out as different according to Google, but I cannot see the name change as the original application name(on screen 1) is kept!