New improved Notification Extension


Ciao Tiziano!
When i try to upload the aia file both thunkable and appinventor give me this error: " This app was saved with a newer version of the Thunkable system. We will attempt to load the app, but there may be compatibility issues."

How can i solve this issue?


It was developed with appybuilder, if you want to try aia file, you must go there, else you can use the raw extension everywhere


oh Grazie Mille! Thank you! I’m still a noob!


Hey tiziano!

Love the extension and works a charm. One thing im struggling with. When setting the message and title i am unable to set it as a variable or and item from a list. Seems like only way is to use the text and have a predefined message. I will attach the error i receive. The notification does infact work without a variable in the title or message postion, only when i put a variable or list item in it.

Once again great extention!
thanks :slight_smile:


It seems to me that you haven’t set month and day parameters, did you? The error reported in your picture does show a title and a message, as long I’m interpreting in the right way them, but no month and day values. I’m experiencing no errors with variables.


I’ve just got it to work it was in another park of my code. Thanks for the reply anyway! :slight_smile:


Fixed bug in daily interval notification, see first post for new link


It is possible to hide Cancel Event notification ? If I start new ExecuteInFixedDay and other has already started with same id, the method will overwrite or both will operate in parallel ?


I will look into your first request.
Id should be changed any time to obtain a unique notification, if same id numbers are in use , the last will overwrite the previous one.


Bro!! I Want To See Player Id Of One signal? In My App


Could I make Cancel Event Notifiation unvisible ? Because everytime when I canceled events I must slide many push notification with text: “Alarm canceled”.


Hi Tiziano,
Is it possible send one notification to a specific user? I have a chat in my app with 10 people, So, I`d like send a notification just who received a new message,


I love this extension but it only works on api level 22 and I need it on api level 26, becouse of the google play update thing… :frowning:


Did you try or have you figured out how to send notification to choosen user?


With a specific channel of notification selected, this should be possible, but I didn’t try.


This update is to keep up with API 26. As I cannot test on a real device, please try it.
com.tiziano1960.seeyoulater.aix (25.6 KB)


Thanks! Will test it in a few hours when I’m back and let you know


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esta funcionando correctamente?


Only with APi < 26 , the last update is not working with that Android release , as someone reported back