New improved Notification Extension

It is possible to hide Cancel Event notification ? If I start new ExecuteInFixedDay and other has already started with same id, the method will overwrite or both will operate in parallel ?

I will look into your first request.
Id should be changed any time to obtain a unique notification, if same id numbers are in use , the last will overwrite the previous one.

Bro!! I Want To See Player Id Of One signal? In My App

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Could I make Cancel Event Notifiation unvisible ? Because everytime when I canceled events I must slide many push notification with text: “Alarm canceled”.

Hi Tiziano,
Is it possible send one notification to a specific user? I have a chat in my app with 10 people, So, I`d like send a notification just who received a new message,

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I love this extension but it only works on api level 22 and I need it on api level 26, becouse of the google play update thing… :frowning:

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Did you try or have you figured out how to send notification to choosen user?

With a specific channel of notification selected, this should be possible, but I didn’t try.

This update is to keep up with API 26. As I cannot test on a real device, please try it.
com.tiziano1960.seeyoulater.aix (25.6 KB)

Thanks! Will test it in a few hours when I’m back and let you know

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esta funcionando correctamente?

Only with APi < 26 , the last update is not working with that Android release , as someone reported back

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you can upgrade to api version 28. does not work with android 9

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may i know where to get the extension?

Tizano posted the link earlier
Here it is:

Hi is it possible to use this extension on api 28

It is most likely possible, but it may have some bugs and issues

Is it possible for a custom sound to be added?