New Google Apk Upload Error: "Your APK cannot be analysed using aapt."

Hello Thunkers, does anyone has an idea why am getting this new error whiles uploading my app to the play store?
Refer to image Screenshot below. All ideas and suggestions are welcome

Which components and extension do you use? I think this error is in a extension.

And what happens when you rebuild you apk and upload it?

These are the extensions in my project: (see Screenshot) :

i am rebuilding the Apk again. i have removed the sidebar which i didn’t actually use but dragged into the project. i hope it works.

@Sander0542 still the same problem and error prompt. very confused. any ideas?

What happens when you remove the taps extension?

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i did remove some other extensions but not the taps. the taps is one of the major component. however i have started a new trial and error experiment with a new project where all extensions are included and will be removing them one by one whiles trying to upload to see which of them was the major issue. will keep you updated

Ooh brother. Thanks very much. The error is as a result of the taps extension. Guess I have to reconstruct the apps appearance .

I hope people who face similar problem in the future will refer to this post.

@Andres_Cotes take a look at your code of the Taps extension, please! Can you tell us more about this issue?

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whats extra permission u add?
for resolve this problem

If you are using the Taps Extension in your project, kindly download the Tabs Extension and use that one instead. in my situation, that was what gave me this error problem whiles uploading to the Store.
Note: Taps (with P) and Tabs (with B).

whiles it might look Tedious to re-code part of your blocks with the Tabs extension, i would suggest you do not delete the TAPS at first but instead, upload the TABS extension, drag it into your project and replace each part of the code that contains the TAPS with the TABS. After that is done, delete the TAPS extension from your project and also from the extension drawer(panel)

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MY problem solved

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You are Welcome!

hi, i am facing this same problem. But, i don’t any extensions, even though i could’nt upload an apk.
Please help me.

post screen shot etc , Necessity more details for help

As you can see from the screenshot, we both had the same error message but the reason stated int the box for the error message is different. contact Team Thunkable or any one you can trust with your ai( source code) to look into it for you. But if you don’t mind you can also upload it here for any one to check it for you

you can also create a backup of your project then use one of them for experiment to see if error will be fixed. Start deleting some images or component etc…