New extension sunset/rise times


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My extension on Calculating Sunrise /Sunset times for geographic location. (7.5 KB)
Below is the block on how to use it:

Below is the screenshot:

Future release will be an astronomy related extension…
Special thanks to all thunks members and other open source members for guiding me through the setup especially evans…


Hashami great extention :+1: . Please add Dawn , Solar noon and Dusk


Okey, I will add later today


Nice Extension, but you should take a look at your package name.


Okey I will look through… Thanks


You should use something like com.marzukalhashimi.SunriSetTimes


Thanks so much… I will correct it in the next update


I found out it’s giving me errors while on emulator… How will I solve this problem…?


Could you show me the error, please?


Restarting the companion solve the isuues…Thanks


How do you get time zone from a phone (what component do I need to use?)


use the clock component
How to get a date in format YYYY-MM-DD
For all possible patterns, see here.
Try pattern Z



great extension, but unfortunately the sunset it’s not working with negative values in time zone

Can you please fix it?
Thank you!


Im Waiting :slight_smile:
what about that new release?
sun or moon location in the sky?