New extension ModCalendarView ( New Update 03/04/2019)

Hello all i present you a new extension ModCalendarView really took a lot of my time :slight_smile:

New Update 03/04/2019 you can see the new video :

  • Add style Event when select day.
  • You can use icon for indication of selected day like event.
  • Add color current day.
  • Add color clicked day.
  • Add Setcalendar block.
  • Add Event Click/LongClick of text date.
  • Add Event LongClick/Click day.
  • Add pattern format String text like “yyyyMMdd” “ddMMyyyy”



You have several parameters to make your calendar quite customized
- You can get all day selected with the form list.
- You can set a needed day on a list
- You can make also image on the background for ( calendar day and title )
- You can change the image of button next or back
- You can change the Local language ex : put “fr” , “en” , "ar " , …
-You can swipe calendar.
etc …



Price : 20€

Donation via Paypal

to : S.L (Said-Dev)

You can also contact me with skype:



Just to be clear I’m in a country is not allowed to sell app on PlayStore for this the only way to earn little money, I develop extensions I’m not against to giving any free but I’m no other source to earn money sorry for the people who do not have the ability to buy my extensions
Best regard



awesome extension! is it also possible to change background for each day? I am thinking of creating a work shift calendar and therefor it would be necessary to change the background color (and shift value) for each day!

I would also recommend to adapt the extension to match Google Material Design standard! And I think there is a typo - Titre = Title?

cheers, chris

When the extension is going to be finished

finish of what

you can explain more

Mod calendar extension

he’s already finished

can i get any example video or .aia file

I will prepare a video

Please give us example apk so we can at least try it. I would buy it if I can try, really need this one!

Sorry for you i can’t send apk . but i can guarantee for you is work.

that it works does not mean it works as users want it to / expect it to… For example I would like to know if it is possible to change the arrows because I don’t think they look good… Also I would like to see how smooth and well it runs and if it is possible to set it so match material design…

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yes you can change the arrows as you like it is a icon
:slight_smile: i will create for you a video . the not forget i’m not designer lol

Don’t work for me, as I want to test it first. If I’m gonne pay 16€ I want to test what I buy first. You don’t buy a car without testing it first! I can’t do anything with your APK file, only install on my phone for testing, I’m not asking for aia file!

I understand you want to make extensions for money, but now you just lost 16€, sorry!

Keep thunking!


It works with Kodular?

yes dear Jacson

This looks promising! I’m interested to buy if there is a support for weekly view and ability highlight days if user has some records on those days?

can you send me picture with example?