New extension **Launch my app** >> from recent list in background << :) :) :) add Notification



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Thank you for this extension, This has been very useful for my project. Great JOB!

For Future:
Please enhance this extension with notification component integration. When GotoHome is clicked it should also allow trigger notification. When notification is clicked it should trigger ShowMyApp.


??? I don’t andrestoud!!![quote=“Jerin_Jacob, post:20, topic:11086, full:true”]
Nice extension, but you didn’t showed going to recents list.
That’s I’m confused .


ADD Notification



I just tested the notification update. All I can say now.we have ability to send notification from the App and lock the phone and return to app with all your data intact without any loss… One of the advance extensions.

Great Job!


Like @Taifun, I still don’t get a thing, what this extension does… ?
Go to home? Isn’t that MoveTaskToBack that you can get from SpecialTools (by @Mika) or Notifications (by @Taifun)
Show app, with package name? Isn’t that possible with activity starter?
Show my app? What does that do? So, if your app is closed, you can’t do anything. Show my app, just opens a Screen1, doesn’t it?
Wake phone? It is already awake and if it sleeping, even if you call wake phone, my phone has a password, so can’t seem to find a use of that.
Sorry, I am not saying anything bad, but I can’t seem to understand what can this extension do!


I do not wait for your remark I know you’re just an attacker. if you do not like one thing keep your opinion to yourself.
I do not know why you waste your time writing big paragraphs


Hi @said_lachguer

I request you to create an video preview for the better understanding of thunkable community.

Using activity starter it refreshes and clear the data. But this extension will keep the data intact on the screen when device is locked and opened through notification - it is equal to screen task feature.


First of all, please read this

Second, if you don’t like something, this community is not for you, please read Community Guidelines again and again, and most importantly read this topic:

there was stated, that every Thunker has his own opinion and third, literally like 5 people, doesn’t understand what your extension can do, and what you are doing? Nothing! You are careless developer, which I don’t think needs to get even a dollar for such attitude and such caring. Plus, I just lost my respect for you. You are the only one extension developer in the entire community, that I know, who is so careless and so aggressive.


I am not aggressive or careless. I have never attacked anything but I give encouragement. if I do not understand one thing I give questions, no other thing


If so, help others and stop calling me attacker, for my own opinion.
Best regards, Ben.


look well what you wrote. maybe I do not like your way of writing. sorry for calling you a attacker. greeting


Creo que Ben debe abrir una comunidad que se llame los pensamientos de Ben Amazon dan un año gratis para que la utilices jejejeje


Great extension,

I have a question. If i’m in Screen2 then I GoToHome and lock the phone.
After that the timer calls my application from the background, does it open Screen2 or Screen1 ?



you go to Screen1 without loose data


But in this case I will loss the session in Screen2 .

Is there a way to open the Screen2 that is already opened in the background?


i will check for you


Hi Said_dev
i think your extension is good for my app.
but i have one question: your extension can open an other app when the mobile sleeping by other event. example, when my phone sleeping, can i wake up my phone by the message receiver event?
sorry for my eanglish