New extension FlipCard :)



New extension you can Flip Card or Flip Picture as you like Flip lol.



Price is 5€ -----------------> free just after i I reach 50€ of donation plus 60 like.

Donation via Paypal

to : S.L (Said-Dev)

You can also contact me with skype:

Said-Dev: [email protected]


Nicely done!


buen trabajo


Nice, Maybe in the image you should put Higher quality image. :slight_smile:


Great work, I didn’t see anyone, who have made such extension :smiley:, just please follow letters casing:

State - should be lowercase: state
Img1 - should be lowercase: img1
Img2 - should be lowercase: img2
…and I also would like to recommend calling not img1 or img2, but instead frontImage, backImage. It would be more simple for new users to understand.
Best regards, Ben (@moliata on GitHub)


Thanks dear




Bte, methods should be also title cased FlipCard. Regards