New extension FilterBar :)

Hello All I present you new Extention can give you posibility to have ListView with FilterBar to scroll in the specifique position.






Price: 11€


Pay via Paypal
to : S.L (Said-Dev)


You can also contact me with skype:



its cool and professional. any way amazing.

Nice Work :hugs::blush:

Hello does this work with image list view also?*
If not is it possible to create the same extension for the image list view? I will pay for that extension if you can do it if it dont work.
Than i need another extension.
Can you create a search bar for the image list view?

The extension work on any list just need like bloc image to go at the position exact

My extension variougrid-4-in-1-extension can work with this FilterBar :
VariouGrid 4 in 1 Extension – aix-extensions

Will this work in Kodular. Because i read something that Filterbar Extensions does not work.
Can you please test this and show me that. I read something that you can input the extension but you cannot compile a apk. If it will work in Kodular and you can show it to me, i will buy me that bc i need it. That extension is omly one of the less, where you can search in a list

Funciona para un Spinner?

I don’t understand what you means