New Experiment on Time based AdSense


Hello Guys, I was thinking of using AdSense in a different manner. SO need your help to understand if it is a good way to do it or not.
Actually i was planning to make a button on my details page asking my users to click on it -The button text will be “please click to support our application team”. So if user clicks on it then we will show advertisement on my app or else my app will run without advertisement. and once the user clicks on that button i will show the add and disable it till next 24 Hrs.
My app will only have Interstitial advertisement.
So need you help on this is it a correct way of doing it or it may cause an issue from AdSense team like CTR issue etc…
Thanks in advance.


This is pretty easy.

Use visible and invisiable.


Once the button is clicked and you display an ad, save to TinyDB or a file current local time in milliseconds using a clock component. And once you do that, all you need to do is that everytime you need to check if 1 day has elapsed you just use:
if current time in millis - time in millis read from TinyDB > 86400000 (1 day equals that amount of milliseconds) then
set button.visible to true
set button.visible to false

And please note that in Google Ads Terms of Use is written that you will not request nor pay your users to watch ads. You can come around this as in settings in your app you just put the thing that says: Display ads yes/no and a text saying that by keeping this setting on you support the developer of this app or something like this. :wink:

Hope that helped.


Thanks a lot @SHARIAR_ZAMAN and for your quick reply. Actually my question was whether its a good idea to implement advertisement in this way or not. I have bit idea of implementing the logic.

Thanks @G_Lise710, So i will not ask users because if i ask they will say no only :wink: .I was thinking of inserting 3 banner add and one interstitial add on my app so what’s your thought on this is it good to have total 4 add component or it may create an issue for my adsense account ? Thanks a lot in advance.


Actually, I don’t know. Cause I have never really used ads in Thunkable. It shouldn’t make any problems with AdSense, as webpages usually contain multiple ads too. But just a one little tip, don’t make the ads cover half of your screen. :wink:


Thanks buddy i was planning to have one banner add per page and one interstitial ad in one page. I think this will not create any issue but at the same time i don’t think it will give me enough money also. :slight_smile: