NetworkType Extension (Paid Extension)

Hola a todos he creado una extensión que permite saber el estado de la conexión en el dispositivo

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thank you for your working~

(and it is such a large amount :joy:)


YeA you are suddenly raising the prices of your extensions :sunglasses:. They never go below $10 but instead above. Don’t forget the platform on which the extension will be used at the moment is free


20$, you kidding to make such extension it is so easy, plus Makeroid has in-built component. You are the only ext developer I know that sells extension for mire than 10$


to tell you the truth, many developers here create the extensions themselves. (including me)
however, usually them would release it for free, or just a not-so-high price.

i’m proud of my works that i had done,
but at lease for me, it is not a income that keep me living, but just a hobby and i would like to help others.
i had earn a lot from making a improving after sharing.
and that is enough for me :joy:

i know you are proud of yourself as well,
and the price is up to you,
we just suggest you to notice the market price of extensions.

sorry if offended


Worry not it is my observation and opinion anyways :smile: :grinning::grinning::grinning:. And it is undeniable that you have free extensions. We all know I guess

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My extensions are easy to do? Do you think, that I work just a bit on my extensions. Actually, you are creating like extension a day, which seems to me, that you put way less effort to them, aren’t you just copying and pasting source code. I test each of my extension on every single App Inventor distro, test on 4 devices & surely, make sure that everything works precisely, just the way I planned.

Well, actually I earned over 200$, that all were spent on either my website hosting or YMCA Strong Kids charity.

Your extensions are costing the most, I did not see anyone selling extension for more than 10$, you are selling extensions up to 30$. While I can make NetworkType extension in a couple of minutes (for free)

I don’t want to say anything bad to you, but sometimes you need something that is actually worth 20$. I can just say, that you can easily use Taifun’s WiFi, Taifun’s TelephonyManager and my SimpleTools extension, that will give absolutely same functionality for free, as your’s 20$ extension. Also, there is WifiManager component in AppyBuilder, as well as WiFi & Network components in Makeroid. Hope you understand me.

Because, why are you requesting 20$ for a few minutes job? There is already extension that does job of yours. Use a couple of Taifun’s & my extension & you can absolutely same thing, as yours extension that cost do. Plus, checking is Connection Fast, just use @Barreeeiroo PHP Script.

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So you wanna tell me with such a long sentence?

I just said that every developer has spent a lot on their expansions, just like you.
but it is unusual to set such a price

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We are not trying to make you have a bad reputation, we are just saying that there is already existing extensions, your price is unusual & you put a few minutes into making such extension.

Looking forward to your NetworkType extension in a couple of minutes,Simple as Makeroid is……

oh, ok. you are the elder.

Well let’s see, I am 14 (about to be 15). I am making extensions, so I am young & dependent on my parents? Right? You are saying that our extensions just a few minutes job? While you make extensions every day, which have not been tested on multiple platforms & devices, not following App Inventor color philosophy & surely, you still don’t care about Upper case & Lower case thing right?

Well, actually if we look to history, you are the one that started battling us. I, @Brainwork & @ColinTree just were saying that your extension is high. Then everything started by you saying that: @ILoveThunkable works just a bit on his extensions. After that, you said to Brainwork, you don’t understand his posture about price & surely, after that you said that Colin, is scared to charge more. You are the one, who doesn’t like posts, that don’t agree with you

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i think we can stop “discussing” about the price, and go do our own job instead.

our values does not matches


gracias por entender @ColinTree me gusta tu trabajo

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Well we have all made our points. But nothing changes about our opinions and opinions are ment to be accepted or rejected unless it is a fact. No offense and surely everyone has been able to justify his opinion without any abuse. Age is not a determinant of riches and success but hard work and Grace is.
The greatest Price Ave sold the PRO Version of my app on Amazon is $2 because I know and not selling it to one individual but a large number of people Ave never and may never meet. And $2 has surely accumulated since that time .

There is always a difference in pricing a commodity for one single individual and selling perpetually for an endless possible number of people.

You want to make profit for your time spent because you are 33yrs and we understand. But do understand that our voices are just an opinion

And I surely plan of donating for your free extensions not only you but other extension developer Ave personally tested in my app if you provide Visa or MasterCard option other than PayPal. Thanks anyways

Ok please stop this conversation.

Everyone is allowed to charge whatever they would like for their extensions. It is up to the user to decide if they want to pay. Obviously, free extensions and cheaper extensions will be used more and we strongly encourage that, but at the end of the day it is up to the developer to decide how much they want to charge and still maintain trust/respect with their customers.


I agree. You can also easily detect a connection with a web component.