Need help about banner & interstitial admob components


i want use banner & industrial admob components
its show every 10 min &15 respectively
i know we can do with clk. but how ?


What do you mean by “industrial admob components”?
There’s currently only 2 Admob components in Thunkable:

Banner and Interstitial ads. Search the forum on how to use them correctly. For example visit the category #professional:admob
If you want to show them at a certain amount of time, use a clock and show them when the ClockTimer event is triggered.


as i say before , i know that we can it use a clock.
here im confused with uses a clock.if possibly can u give me example aia file ?


I edited the subject… :wink:

as i say before , i know that we can it use a clock.

@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu you might want to try something and if you get stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks…

this example might help… The ‘Do something’ example



@Taifun LOL, Ok, I didn’t even thought he meant “interstitial” instead of “industrial”


You didn’t say it before, sorry.

Create a clock component
Set it to the time you want to wait forl the ad shows up (10 minutes = 600000 milliseconds)
In the Clock.Timer event, show the ad. It’s very easy.

If you have trouble following these short instructions, may be you need to follow some basic tutorials first before adventuring into more advanced stuff.


Hi Shivendra,
Are you indian? I think you are unable to explain the exact problem. If you want you can ask me anything in hindi and i’ll try my best to help you. BTW, here at this point I think what you mean to say is that, “how to load an ad after a specific time interval?” If that is your concern, use the clock component, and show the ad on clock.Timer event as described by @Italo.

To be more specific set the Time Interval property of the clock component to 600000 ms that is equal to 10 mins

and in the blocks code use the clock.Timer event of the clock component and call the “admob.Load Ad” procedure.


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