Need extension will pay for it

hey there
i need a extention… i will pay for it… i want to add more ad networks in google admob. but currently in thunkable its not possible. bcz for adding new ad network in admob we also need to import respected network sdk in our app…which is not possible now…so i need an extention with which i can add more ad networks in admob…and earn more revenue… because most of the time google admob does not show ad…

Have you heard of Enhance?

Using Enhance, you can now integrate all of the services that providers offer without ever having to touch an SDK/Extension again. With little to NO coding at all and without touching source code, Enhance® is the easiest way to integrate 3rd party services into your project or to keep them up to date. (Ads, Mediation, Analytics, Attribution, Crash Reporting and more) No more SDK integration!!!

We support a wide range of networks and you can integrate them in just minutes!

For more information, follow this link :
Good Luck!