Navigating to different screens

Using ListViewer Items

In this example, our ListViewer contains the days of the week. By clicking on different list items you can open up different screens.



Using the index of each item in the list

You can do something similar, based on the position of the different items in the list rather than just what it says on the individual list items.


Using a Button

The button is probably the most common way of opening another screen, after the navigators.

In this example, clicking on the button opens the next screen.


Using a Username and Password

The sign in component allows new users to join or sign up for your app. In this example, if they’re a registered user then you can redirect them to the next screen.

Using Your Voice

The speech recognizer is can convert words spoken into a microphone into words on a screen. It can also be used to create a “secret password” for your app.