My phone has problem with thunkable


I have 3 devices and I have a simple app.

my app works at my tablet
my app works at my samsung phone
but my app doesn’t work at my LGG4 beat phone

I have only one screen,no button,no more code blocks… It is a very simple app.

LG G4 beat’s play store and thunkable apps are updated.

what is the problem?


What happens exactly?


stopped:Unfortunately Thunkable

okul_odev.aia (605.7 KB)


Do you have images in your app?
If yes try to remove it and see if it comes from here


I have uploaded nearly 1 mb media file to my app.

I have images. my app’s apk size is 5 MB. I know that bigger than 10 mb apps have problem but it is only 5

Also my app workes at my samsung phone but not at mt LG phone

If the problem is with the images why it workes at samsung


You have images that are too big, you have to reduce the size as much as possible.
Your phones do not have the same Memory that’s why!


my images size is not too big. I have 11 image and all of them is nearly 800 KB. average size of images is 80 KB. do you think is this big?


Yes it is
Try removing it
Or try reduce it (length and height)


ok. i will try


the width and height in pixel is important, not the size in KB
see also tip 2 here



ok. thanks. I make smaller the images and height and width sizes. Now it is running