My open-source extensions (for appinventor originally)

Hello i m ColinTree
i found that the commmunity here is so wonderful, kind of better than the Appinventor one.

I had created some extensions and uploaded to

And the files are here

Welcome to download and test the extensions, it my pleasure to fix the bug whatever you found :slight_smile:



That is an amazing start.
Keep it up,amazing extensions :+1:
Keep thunking.

Jerin Jacob

Thanks for sharing this, @ColinTree!!!
Could you explain a little bit more about your Notifications extension? I’m interested to know about it.

Thanks for sharing the extension brother

It can only show a toast


it is actually just a toast… i just thinking about that if i name it notification can help understanding XP

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hh,good boy!jiayou!

Wow, do you want to take a look at the Here is the post that explains it Contributing to Thunkable Extensions Directory

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thank you, it is a good idea, i will think about it

You can also add them to the index of available extensions if you want.

cool, i m building my document, and then post it there

Could I Pretty please have a download link for API MAIL Extension please.

since you have already started another topic don’t you think that this post is not contributing anything to the community???


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My Apologies i didn’t think you would actually consider it from that perspective.

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