My New Extension RandomDigit

This Extension Is Made By Me And I Gave 70% Credit Of This Extension To @Abhijith_Dominic Because He Help Me
ScreenShot :
You Can Use It For Otp Verification App It Generate 6 Random Numbers Below 999999 I Know There Are Component In App Inventor But In That 3 Blocks
Image :
But In Mine Have Only One Block Which Generates 6 Digit Otp
Link :- GobhiVinesRandomDigit.aix (5.3 KB)


That’s really great.

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I do not think it’s necessary

its not necessary for you but thunkers use it it prevents from lags

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your extension is very good … I do not know if you could add a function so that they do not repeat the numbers

I don’t think it’s necessary but if you want to reduce the number of blocks in your app, you’d better download and import it to Thunkable.

You have already been advised not to bump old Thunkable Classic topics here. Please stop spamming the forum.

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