My first extension

Now I’m in real business and I let you know, that I build my first extension! Awesome! I changed the name of the YandexTranslate extension as a first step. Try it out: com.redpanda.altYandexTranslate.aix (12.8 KB)
I tried to change the name (according to the ai2 tutorial, by changing the package name and moving the file in a new folder), but the build failed :frowning:. The error was “(my package name) is not in public form”. Any suggestions?
EDIT: Problem solved, new one appears. How can you change the icon?

Greetings, @Red_Panda


What package name did you change to?

I tried red_panda. Maybe is the _ the problem?

Also, you cannot use YaVersion instead an integer. Extension cannot Use YaVersion. Good luck.

Only characters & numbers… Also do you know how to program with Java?

Problem fixed :smile:. @ILoveThunkable I know some Java, I hope it’s enough to create extensions^^

You should use


I could build it, but I don’t understand how to change the picture of the extension. Maybe you can explain where to put the aiwebres folder

If you find that too confusing, you can upload your file to the cloud/server. Google Drive will do too(make sure it is publicly shared). Use the generated link as the path to your file.

Hope this helps!

And use an 16 x 16 pixels .png file