My first app is on Play Store

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please provide info as you can others may not know anything
please heck others posts they are happy but you aren’t.

Congratulations :+1:


hey @namitnagar here’s what you said:

Shut up you liar copying others projects

But it was just the name and the code is mine and the design too.

but if you see your project you will notice that it is a copy of Send by @Darren.

Good job going through the work of getting an app actually onto the App Store. It’s not as simple as making the app at times.

If I were you, I would definitely include some type of attribution to Darren if this is a (and it definitely looks like it) copy of his Send That app.

Modifying apps that people have shared in the past is a great way to get experience and learn how they do the cool things that they’re doing. I would only ever caution you against publishing and saying that it is yours without providing some type of attribution. No you’re not gonna go to jail but it’s also going to be hard to get taken seriously by a community of other programmers when you don’t do actions like Attribution


It is same but with a big update is you see at the top right there is Inbox which automatically tells user that someone shared something with you. In you have to tell user via whatsapp,call or any other communicative source @super-coder

@super-coder Even copied my play store app description :joy:

@jared Thanks for sticking up for me broskee :innocent: :fist: :mechanical_arm:



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I believe he needs a bit of guidance to correct / rectify the situation.


Hey @namitnagar - just wanted to check in here to see if you had sense as to how you can improve your original post?

Please get it updated ASAP with correct attribution or we will remove this topic.

I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t do this either @namitnagar. I would encourage you to edit your store listing with something you have written yourself.

This community has lots of fantastic open-source resources for everyone to benefit and learn from but it is essential that you include attribution to the original author(s) if you’re creating a derivative work.


If I may, I will suggest another action: instead of “Made with Thunkable” section, why not “Copied with Thunkable” ? :blush:
Joking of course… but if I found found you here, @domhnallohanlon , at the risk of being annoying :roll_eyes:, I’m still confident that you will eventually answer at least of 2 of my topics: regarding scrollable row and the matter of bounding DVL to LocalDB :innocent:

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Of course! :joy: Have been considering a revamp of #madewiththunkable for a little while…honestly though, derivative apps hadn’t occurred to me so might be worth doing a bit of a community consultation around these things.

Not at all - will take a look at these for you!


Don’t worry @Darren because Play Protect will automatically notice that is a copy of yours.

Names don’t matter. And I will change my project WestWeb back to WadWeb if you on’t unpublish it from the play store.@namitnagar

I found of course an another hint.


How do you transfer things from your phone to your computer? makes it simpler share photos, links, and text between all your devices.


How do you transfer a photo from your phone to other phone when texting and email is not an option?
Safe Share makes it simple for you to transfer photos between all your devices.

of course that is the only one that doesn’t match.

Just the difference is dareen ap don’t work and mine do, see this

I know @super-coder will reply me you may have tested it after 10 minutes for that kindly check the time at top and still don’t trust me try yourself

All these CHEATERS in the community knows all that dirty tricks they hide.

Thank you for giving a hint for this to get in marked as a lie.