My custom Icon Font!



OK, I have been working on this for the past 2-3 days now and I have 35 home made icons I am proud of. All though these icons are not “the best” they did take me a while to make, so please try to enjoy them thanks. If you have any suggestions for new icons I will get to work on them when there are 15+ suggestions. You can view all the icons in my font here: Yes, my fonts name is Material10, this is because the icons are based of Windows10 and Material icons. This is a line icon font, although it also contains solid icons.

Now I will tell you how to use M10(Material10) with you app.

  1. Download the TTF font
  2. Upload it to your Thunkable app
  3. Choose the element you want the icon in and make that TTF file into the font
  4. Enter the character that resembled the icon you selected into the text: box.

For extra information go to

Thanks and Enjoy,

Material Bottom Menu preview (Free)(coming soon..) Without extension and canvas

nice work I want a few icons

camera icon
burn icon
home icon
mail icon
sms icon


You can use, my font for these icons: My custom Icon Font (94 Icons)
Afterwards, @Csf30816 makes these icons, you may switch back.


Ok, thanks. I will add those. And what do you mean SMS Icon? Isn’t the chat box one? Or is it something else?


All of the requested icons have been added, enjoy :smiley:

Make sure to have the latest one


thank you for adding


No Problem. Fire was a pain, but everything else was a price of cake. Tell me if you need any thing else added.


Aaa! where are search fill icon


My app so this error what I do to fix it


Are you sure you uploaded it correctly? Also, please send a snippet of your code so I can better understand why this is happening.

Best regards,


Can you please create font pack like vidmate have a look

I am talking about the navigation icons of this app not other content on the screenshots and if u can then please create it fast​:joy::grin::grinning: