My application stops working


Whenever I double-click a particular screen, it causes the call to stop working. I do not know what I might be doing wrong. Can anybody help me.


Hi @Auchan_Encontre, welcome to the Thunkable community.

Can you please provide a bit more detail please? Sharing your relevant blocks would be really helpful!



I think it takes something more to jump between screens.
What happens is that when I go back, it says that my app stopped.


Do you really need like 10 screens? Please take a look at these links:


Could you tell me what exactly does this option do?
Thank you very much



Whenever I open a new window, should I close the previous one?


Yea, you should. Take a look here:



When I try to exit the application, it always returns to the previous screen. How should I proceed?
Thank you for your help.
What am I doing wrong?


it does not look like you followed the advice given earlier to switch screens correctly…

why this happens and how to switch screens correctly has been explained in detail here


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