My application is getting crashed so frequently


Hello community,
once again got stucked in a Messy problem. actually I have created an app on thunkable and when I installed it to my phone after a minute it got stopped, app was crashed and the warning message was app has stopped and below it there was the message “open app again” so I thought it is not a big problem but as of now it becomes serious for me and I am unable to resolve it. I have checked Playstore for the error which was showing me in real time crashes like “java.lang.outofmemoryError”

this is the error causing my app failure so I have checked some tutorial videos on YouTube but unable to fix it I have changed my PNG logo file to jpg and some coding so if anyone out there can help me it will be really helpful for me I am also uploading the screenshot of the error which is showing me on Google Play store which is causing the error of stopped so please help


Changing from png to jpg can not always fix it. It is about pixelsize of your images. And how are you changing screens.