My app stops working after the first screen with the attached error. (Used sidebar extension) Any suggestions on this?





Hello @Gamer_Ak

The first line of error message itself indicates what the possible problem could be.

Did you upload the required font files in the asset?


Hello @Vaibhav_Patil
May I know what you are referring to as Font files uploading ?


Refer the original post linked below.

(The MaterialIcon-Regular and the Roboto-medium are the font files which are to be uploaded as asset before using the sidebar extension)


can any one tell me is the thunkable classic closed??


thank you Vaibhav it working now:grinning:


Vaibhav can you help on below error when i fetch data from fire database below error cme help me on this



Sorry, I am not much familiar with FirbaseDB. So I can’t help you much for this.

Maybe you post some images of your blocks, so that any other member can help you out.


my app working correctly but some time it get crash:neutral_face:Please help me



As the error message says it is memory related error. Your device failed to allocate the memory required to run your app. This mainly happens if :point_down:

  1. Your app contains too many screens and there is no proper way to manage them(opening and closing the screens)

  2. You are using too many images of large size.

See the tips 1 & 2 of the tips and tricks provided by @Taifun :point_down:


i did quiz app and i conntec it o firedatabase 2 days before it was working now i am getting below error help me